How Much Homeowners Insurance Should I Get? (Johnstown, PA)

Just about every homeowner wants to know the ideal amount of coverage on a home insurance policy, and while the simple answer is to say that your policy should cover the market value of your home, this actually might not include everything. So, do not forget that a homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t just cover your walls and your roof, right? It should also cover your belongings like jewelry or furniture, for example. Now, a good homeowners insurance policy will extend to any smaller buildings that are attached to your home, like a garage, or a guest house, or a tool shed for example. Now when you add all of those things together, it’s pretty funny how everything just adds up super quickly. Much more than the sale value of your home. Now, the best way to make sure that your coverage is adequate is to get an appraisal from an insurance agent that you absolutely trust, and then you can identify the proper coverage without being over insured.

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