Pet Insurance

What Is It?

Pet insurance is for owners of pets who need to cover the costs of expensive veterinary care. Their pets’ medical expenses may include sudden hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, routine checkups, physical therapy, etc. This is the preferred option to paying out of pocket for the costs of medical treatments.


How Does It Work?

As veterinary medicine includes the use of more advanced technologies, the costs of treatments are increasing for pet owners. Many owners want the highest levels of quality for their pets’ health care, but they cannot afford to pay out of pocket. They are looking at what pet insurance provides them in terms of the types of coverage and savings.

A typical policy works by requiring the policyholder to pay a monthly premium. Pay what you can afford every month and then pay a deductible up to $1,000 or more before you receive a claim.

Customize every insurance policy based on your pet’s age, breed, health status, medication needs, etc. Insure multiple pets on a single plan or separate plans. You may receive a discount for multiple pets. The more severe your pet’s health condition is, the more coverage you need and the higher the costs.

Different Types of Coverage

The different types of coverage for pets include dog insurance, cat insurance, and coverage for horses and exotic species. Dog insurance is made for dogs with services for illnesses, injuries, and preventative care. Some cat insurance plans include coverage for prescription medications, and very low monthly premiums, and 24/7 veterinarian support.

Lifetime insurance covers your pet for any problems that occur during his or her entire life while time-limited insurance provides coverage only during a specific period of time.

Accident-only coverage is designed to pay for accidents only, such as getting hit by a car or fracturing a bone. An accident and illness policy cover the costs of accidents and illnesses. For genetic and hereditary conditions, there is hereditary and congenital coverage that can be added to your current coverage plan.

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